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About Us

Our subrogation attorneys will create an efficient and comprehensive litigation strategy that obtains meaningful results.

Our comprehensive strategy can minimize costs and maximize results. Founded in 1985, Keis George LLP is a full service subrogation law firm representing insurance companies and self-insured businesses throughout the United States. Our subrogation lawyers have more than 150 years of combined experience working with clients and experts to creatively maximize recovery in property subrogation, auto subrogation, commercial collections, and workers’ compensation subrogation. From prosecuting large loss property cases involving fire and explosions to recovering against manufacturers of faulty and defective products, our goal is to create an efficient and comprehensive litigation strategy that obtains meaningful results.

Working with Keis George to help you recover more subrogation dollars may mean more of the following:

  • Enhanced revenue — An insurance company has three sources of revenue: premiums, investments, and recoveries through subrogation. Increasing revenue by raising premiums is not a good option, and even the most prudent investments are subject to larger market forces. The most efficient way to raise revenue is to improve the company’s performance in subrogation recovery.
  • Greater policyholder satisfaction and loyalty — Success in subrogation means policyholders get their deductibles back or get a recovery even when losses exceed policy limits. Subrogation also keeps premiums under control and could result in dividends for mutual companies. These positive outcomes translate into customer loyalty and positive word of mouth, which is always the best advertising.
  • A system for product recalls and defects — Investigations conducted for subrogation claims often result in the discovery of defective products. Your company will benefit from our system of holding manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors liable for dangerous consumer products.

Clients who enjoy the benefits listed above find they have greater freedom to dedicate resources to maintaining technology, enhancing their staff’s knowledge of the industry’s legal and regulatory environment, and improving vendor communication, attentiveness, and timeliness.

We have extensive experience litigating cases in state and federal court across the United States.

Our subrogation lawyers have extensive experience in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We have achieved successful verdicts and out-of-court settlements for clients against major product manufacturers, contractors, insurance carriers, engineers, architects, and at-fault drivers. Our clients also rely on us for assistance with commercial collections, claim evaluations, and post judgment collections including license suspension, wage garnishment, liens, bank account attachment, and more. Our litigation services include:

Our Early Involvement Strategy assures a solid claim is recoverable.

Our Early Involvement Strategy entails immediate deployment of an investigative team consisting of our attorneys, support staff, and a network of industry professionals qualified to provide expert testimony. While we implement various tactics to assure a solid claim is recoverable, we primarily ensure the integrity of the scene and preserve evidence by coordinating joint scene examinations, documenting interviews, and notifying responsible parties. Because we are fully committed to minimizing costs and maximizing results, we exercise stringent controls over spending so you can trust we’ve acted to protect your bottom line.

Before you close it out, send it in. Our Second Look Program helps your company capitalize on missed subrogation opportunities. 

Too many insurance companies allow recoverable revenue to walk out the door because they do not explore their options through subrogation. A benchmarking study from the National Association of Subrogation Professionals found that about 15 percent of claims close without a consideration of subrogation. Through our Second Look Program, we can improve your ratio of “files closed with no recovery” by identifying claims with subrogation potential and proposing a plan to work those claims to recovery. After all, there is no cost to review a file. Before you close it out, send it in.

Our Client Portal, Keis George Reports, can help you mine big data with little effort. 

Through internal benchmarking and a close review of market data, we can gauge the standard cycle from the time subrogation is identified until recovery. While we can’t guarantee deadlines, we know what’s normal and we communicate with you every step of the way. You can see everything and anything we’re up to on our Client Portal.

Keis George Reports, our Client Portal, is secure proprietary software offering our clients detailed status updates and real time file information with the click of a mouse. Clients may access the portal 24/7 with their user name and password from any electronic device anywhere in the world.

Take advantage of the capabilities of a national law practice with the thoughtfulness of a local firm as Keis George creates a litigation strategy that works for you.

At Keis George LLP, we provide the resources of a large national firm with the thoughtfulness and attention of a local law practice. For excellent representation in subrogation cases, call us at (216) 241-4100 or contact our Cleveland office to schedule a consultation.