SR-22 Bonds and Recovering Payments

Under the laws of the State of Ohio, an insurer who issues SR-22 bonds is able to recover payments from the insured in certain situations. Because the insured is required to have an SR-22 bond in their insurance coverage, the insurer is actually allowed to include a unique clause within the insured’s policy language. This unique clause declares the insurer is allowed to recover payments from the insured that it would otherwise not be able too from an insured without an SR-22 bond.

The insurer can include a clause in the insured’s policy to recover payments

This means that in situations where a policy exclusion may apply, but payment has to be made due to the SR-22 bond, an insurer can seek reimbursement from its insured. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our subrogation attorneys to learn how you can recover payments from your insured.