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Category Archives: Judgment Recovery

Ohio’s Financial Responsibility Laws Keep Debtors Paying

Ohio, unlike many other States, is fertile ground for the pursuit of uninsured auto subrogation claims. While there are many reasons for this, one of the primary reasons is because the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the law in Ohio make it easier. As we all know, the biggest motivator for an uninsured motorist to… Read More »

4 Tips to Hire a Commercial Collector

  We understand your urgent need to collect funds from a business that owes you money. We also understand you want those funds collected in the most respectful, legal, and uncomplicated manner that maintains your organizational dignity and ethics. Likewise, you want the business debt economically collected. Do you need to recover funds from a business… Read More »

SR-22 Bonds and Recovering Payments

Under the laws of the State of Ohio, an insurer who issues SR-22 bonds is able to recover payments from the insured in certain situations. Because the insured is required to have an SR-22 bond in their insurance coverage, the insurer is actually allowed to include a unique clause within the insured’s policy language.

Police Scanners Help Collect Auto Judgments

In Ohio, a judgment arising from an uninsured auto subrogation case causes permanent suspension of driving and registration privileges for defendants. Many [most] of these people continue to drive their automobiles, even though the license plates have been suspended by the State.  In the past, Law Enforcement would not know, simply by looking at a license… Read More »