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Category Archives: Service

Another Means to Serve the Hidden Defendant

If you are pursuing a claim against a motor vehicle owner or operator, and have attempted to serve the defendant using a commercial carrier, certified U.S. mail, or regular mail to his or her last known residential address, but have not been successful, you may be able to perfect service upon that defendant through the… Read More »

Using Service by Publication to Serve the Defendant Whose Address is Unknown

Generally, when a civil lawsuit is filed, service of the complaint is issued to an individual defendant at his or her last known residential address. However, from time to time, we find that some defendants’ addresses cannot be determined, or that a defendant is purposely concealing their whereabouts for the purpose of evading service of… Read More »

Illinois Mandatory Arbitration

Currently, the Illinois Supreme Court designates cases that have claimed damages under $30,000.00 for mandatory arbitration; however, depending on the county, there are further triggering aspects of litigation such as the filing of a jury demand. Once a jury demand is filed, the case will be on track for mandatory arbitration.