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Indiana Claims Against Governmental Entities

We receive many cases involving claims against governmental entities. In Indiana, it is permissible to sue a governmental entity in a subrogation matter, but the subrogated carrier must meet certain requirements. This post is intended to give you information about how to comply with the statute that sets forth the requirements, so that when you send the file to Keis George, we can proceed with the lawsuit immediately.

Statutes That May Make or Break Your Product Liability Claim

Product liability laws provide claimants with an avenue of recovery for injuries caused by a defective product. In general, there are two important statutes that an injured party must consider when determining if it may bring a product liability action: (i) the statute of limitations; and (ii) the statute of repose. In Ohio, the statute… Read More »

Indiana Med Pay Subrogation Statute

The Indiana Medical Payment Subrogation Statute, Indiana Code 34-53-1-2, requires insurance carriers to use its insured’s attorney as its own attorney for its medical payments lien when an insured files a personal injury lawsuit. The statute requires the insured’s carrier pay the insured’s attorney “the insurer’s pro rata share of the reasonable and necessary costs… Read More »

Take Caution When Fronting At Fault Party’s Carrier Limit

We have all been there before. Your insured is injured and the at fault party is underinsured. The at fault party’s carrier offers policy limits but your company elects to front the limits and retain subrogation rights. The two-year bodily injury statute of limitations is approaching and your adjuster has not settled the insured’s claim…. Read More »

Keis George Celebrates 30 Years of Subrogation

Established in 1985, the law firm of Keis George LLP recently commemorated 30 years of providing full service legal representation to insurance companies in subrogation matters across throughout the United States. Throughout that time, our firm’s strong commitment to helping insurance providers and self-insured businesses recover compensation and losses has made us a trusted resource… Read More »