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Category Archives: Workers’ Compensation

Subrogation Recovery on a Workers’ Compensation Lien

Did you know that it is still possible to pursue subrogation recovery on a workers’ compensation lien for a lien that accrued outside of Ohio? You may pursue reimbursement of the workers’ comp lien up to two years from the date the lien was paid.

A Workers’ Compensation Dilemma

What happens when a worker injured in a third-party settles a personal injury claim with a liability insurer before receiving BWC benefits? Third-party liability insurers making payments for injuries and damages from an on-the-job accident must provide prompt notice of its subrogation interests to the Ohio BWC.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Subrogation

An employee is injured on the job. [You] the carrier makes payments on a worker’s compensation claim the employee makes. Turns out, a third party was negligent and was the actual cause of the injury to the employee. Can you subrogate this claim?  How is it different from any other subrogation claim you may have?… Read More »