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Category Archives: Waiver of Subrogation

Subrogating Property Losses and Coinsured Status

Subrogating property losses, within the context of the landlord and tenant relationship, can add layers of complexity outside of the general issues that come with all property claims, such as cause and origin of the loss and actual damages incurred. Before expending costs and time, one issue worth analysis is figuring out exactly who can… Read More »

Issues Involving Illinois Condominium Claims

Condominium losses present some unique circumstances and often require a deeper review due to the condominium declarations, waiver of subrogation, and determining potential targets. But, don’t give up on them with an assumption that they cannot be pursued.

Waiver of Subrogation Clause a Harsh Cliché

So what is the lesson? Do work up front by reviewing the contract to determine if a waiver of subrogation clause is contained in the contract. If it is, closure of the claim is the next step and you are not wasting your valuable time and getting your hopes up on a large subrogation claim.