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Monthly Archives: January 2016

90,000 Fires Caused by Smoking


Update on Rights of Subrogee in Ohio

We previously introduced an article on Ohio’s new law, the Rights of Subrogee outlined in Ohio Revised Code 2323.44, which became effective September 28, 2015. As we suspected, there have been a few developments. First, Ohio Senate Bill 223 was passed which amends the application of Ohio Revised Code 2323.44. Section 3 at the end of… Read More »

Documenting Sump Pump Claims to Maximize Recovery

A successful subrogation recovery starts with a thorough, well-documented scene investigation. This is often complicated with the competing interest of placing the insured in the pre-loss position as soon as possible. This has recently become apparent with a number of sump pump failures in products liability cases Keis George has handled. Whether in litigation or intercompany… Read More »