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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Construction Instruction: A Look at the Building Industry

Growth in nonresidential construction is projected at more than 7.4% in 2016, according to the industry trade group Associated Builders and Contractors of America. Four key areas of growth stand out: large commercial residential buildings, infrastructure projects, renewable energy, and transformation of manufacturing or other commercial facilities into new uses. Building industry has construction defect… Read More »

Who is the Manufacturer

Ohio Revised Code 2307.71(A)(9) defines a Manufacturer as “a person engaged in a business to design, formulate, produce, create, make, construct, assemble, or rebuild a product or a component of a product.” Too often people think the manufacturer is only the person who has a factory that puts the final product together and ships it…. Read More »

Auto Litigation and Knowing Your Witnesses and Defenses

Misinterpretations of the law or expectations regarding what will happen at trial In reviewing files sent to us, we see some misinterpretations of the law or expectations regarding what will happen at trial. We’ve battled in the courtroom a few times and have a few tips you should keep in mind regarding witnesses and defenses:… Read More »

Warren S. George Featured In Attorney At Law Magazine

Click image to read or print article from Attorney At Law Magazine. From the beginning, Warren S. George has been drawn to the legal profession. It was while visiting his older brother at law school in San Diego during high school summer break that he came to see a future in law for himself. Sitting with… Read More »