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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Issues Involving Illinois Condominium Claims

In Chicago, we often find property loss claims that occur at condominium units. Of course, these claims tend to come with their own special issues that require investigation. Aside from general issues that come with all property claims, such as cause and origin of the loss and actual damages incurred, two issues should be investigated… Read More »

Liquidated Damages and Limitation of Liability Clauses

Liquidated damages clauses and limitation of liability clauses are common in contracts but have different roles. The insured suffers a fire or a break-in at its business and the alarm system fails to activate resulting in thousands of dollars of stolen or damaged merchandise. A claim is paid by the carrier, which then seeks to enforce… Read More »

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls

More and more, we are seeing property damage caused by water and fire as a direct result of a defective product. We are trying to work with our clients to bundle these cases to increase the settlement value and decrease your operational costs associated with individually managing each claim. Therefore, it is imperative we bring… Read More »

Who is the Supplier

Ohio Revised Code 2307.71 (A) (15) defines a Supplier, subject to division, as any of the following: “A person that, in the course of a business conducted for the purpose, sells, distributes, leases, prepares, blends, packages, labels, or otherwise participates in the placing of a product in the stream of commerce; A person that, in… Read More »