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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls

Recalls of defective and potentially dangerous products continue to increase. With this increase, we are seeing a significant rise in property losses from water and fire that can be the direct result of a defective product. While there is a cause for every loss and it may not necessarily be obvious, it is vitally important… Read More »

Supplier Liability Exists on Product Defect Claims

Did you know there is Supplier Liability in the state of Ohio on product defect claims? With so many products being manufactured overseas by companies that do not have a presence in the USA or Ohio, it is important to know under what circumstances a supplier can be held liable in Ohio. Below, is the… Read More »

Illinois Mandatory Arbitration

Currently, the Illinois Supreme Court designates cases that have claimed damages under $30,000.00 for mandatory arbitration; however, depending on the county, there are further triggering aspects of litigation such as the filing of a jury demand. Once a jury demand is filed, the case will be on track for mandatory arbitration.

Federal Bankruptcy Code May Circumnavigate Automatic Stay

While the frequency of Bankruptcy filings is unpredictable year over year, their presence is certain when pursuing subrogation claims. Now, throw into the mix an unsteady economy and the threat of a Defendant filing for bankruptcy is present. The Federal Bankruptcy Code provides for insurers to get around the automatic stay of a bankruptcy filing… Read More »

Take Caution When Fronting At Fault Party’s Carrier Limit

We have all been there before. Your insured is injured and the at fault party is underinsured. The at fault party’s carrier offers policy limits but your company elects to front the limits and retain subrogation rights. The two-year bodily injury statute of limitations is approaching and your adjuster has not settled the insured’s claim…. Read More »