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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Subrogation

An employee is injured on the job. [You] the carrier makes payments on a worker’s compensation claim the employee makes. Turns out, a third party was negligent and was the actual cause of the injury to the employee. Can you subrogate this claim?  How is it different from any other subrogation claim you may have?… Read More »

CPSC Recalls

More and more, we are seeing property damage caused by water and fire as a direct result of a defective product. We are working with clients to bundle these cases to increase the settlement value and decrease your operational costs associated with individually managing each claim. Therefore, it is imperative we bring to your attention certain… Read More »

What is an Act of God Event

A party cannot escape responsibility for injury or damage unless it was proximately caused solely by an Act of God. An “Act of God” is an event caused by natural forces beyond human control, such as an earthquake, violent storm, lightning, or an unprecedented flood that cannot be reasonably anticipated or guarded against. A party… Read More »

Space Heater Maker Does Not Dodge Manufacturing Defect

The consumer expectation standard, which had been removed from the Ohio Products Liability Act in 2005, could not be relied on by the purchaser of a space heater to support his design defect claim, which was based solely on circumstantial evidence, a federal court in Ohio ruled. However, the homeowner did provide sufficient circumstantial evidence… Read More »