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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Assessing Damage to Personal Property Without Market Value

There are hundreds of cases and articles addressing how to assess damage to real and personal property. Using highly calculated formulas, the discussion typically focuses on how to determine market value of real property. Though beneficial to assess real property, these discussions fall short when they fail to address how to assess damage to personal property. This discussion begs the question. How can I assess damage to personal property that has sentimental value?

Admissibility of Photographic Evidence

Currently, the admissibility of photographic evidence is based on two different theories. Under the “pictorial testimony” theory, photographic evidence is admissible when a sponsoring witness can testify that it is a fair and accurate representation of the subject matter. It is important to note, this theory is based on the personal observation(s) of the witness…. Read More »

Shaun E. Young Featured in Attorney At Law Magazine

No dramatic bolt from out of the blue, or a long-harbored childhood dream brought Shaun Young, a partner at Keis George LLP, to a career in law. However, the decision did come unexpectedly. Completing his undergraduate studies in political science at Baldwin Wallace University, Young was poised to begin the process of applying to teachers… Read More »