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Judgment and Post-Judgment Recovery

We understand your urgent need to collect funds from a business, individual, or entity that owes you money. We also understand you want those funds collected in the most respectful, legal, and uncomplicated manner that maintains your organizational dignity and ethics. Likewise, you want the debt economically collected.

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Keis George Commercial Collections

At Keis George, our Judgment Recovery and Collections staff is strictly dedicated to providing comprehensive collections services in contracts and agreements, judgment enforcement, proprietor and tenant collections, liens, mechanical liens and more. Our collections staff is a team of expertly appointed attorneys, collectors, investigators, and administrative personnel that work together to decrease costs and increase recovery. From receipt of the claim to judgment, we won’t waste time or resources. The file will receive swift attention as each team member has been with Keis George for more than fifteen years and has mastered the ethical means to develop creative recovery strategies. We will not do the same thing repeatedly, expecting results. We will try new things and get results.

Our judgment recovery specialists will tenaciously collect your debt in a dignified and economical fashion. We won’t try the same things and expect the same result.

We will execute unique strategies to improve your bottom line while offering personalized attention and quality service. We collect in the following areas:

  • Judgment Enforcement;
  • Post-Judgment Recovery;
  • Liens;
  • Business to Business Collections;
  • Contracts and Agreements;
  • Landlord and Tenant Collections; and
  • Mechanics Liens.

Why should you collaborate with our Judgment Recovery Team?