Our Staff

Subrogation law firm

Founded in 1985, Keis George LLP is a subrogation law firm representing insurance companies and self-insured businesses throughout the United States. Our specialists work alongside our attorneys to help our clients achieve their recovery goals in property subrogation, auto subrogation, commercial collections, and workers’ compensation subrogation. From assisting attorneys in large loss property cases involving residential and commercials fires and gas explosions to investigating manufacturers of faulty and defective products, our purpose is to help you achieve your goals and be open about what’s going on in your file.

It is our commitment to maintaining a strong work ethic as individuals, and as a firm collectively, that is translated into the standards we set forth for serving our clients. We enter each situation with a passion for recovery and obtaining meaningful results. We know what it takes to help our attorneys obtain a meaningful recovery and our perseverance is always behind the clients we serve.

Melissa A. Wilson

Strategic action

The staff at Keis George supports the strategic and administrative efforts of the firm. Our employees draw from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience to serve as trusted subrogation advisors and administrative specialists to help the firm thrive.

Realistic expectations

Our staff is comprised of expertly appointed professionals in accounting, operations, legal assistants and paralegals, human resources, collections, information technology, and public affairs. We also retain subject-matter experts to gain critical information in claims against product manufacturers, private and public organizations, third-party contractors, insurance carriers, engineers and architects, at-fault drivers, and more.

Subrogation lawyers

At Keis George, we have the resources to confront complex claims, provide highly personalized attention, and offer a competitive fee structure. Clients can expect superior case management, information security, and increased recoveries. Take advantage of the capabilities of a national law practice with the thoughtfulness of a local firm, allow Keis George to redefine what it means to recover your money faster. To schedule a consultation, contact one of our subrogation lawyers.