Fire and explosion claims

Keis George pursues fire and explosion subrogation claims arising from large commercial and personal fires caused by the faulty design or manufacture of a product or negligence. These losses range from several thousand dollars for small house fires to multi-million dollar damage for commercial properties. We litigate these matters on behalf of insurance companies in state and federal courts throughout the Midwest. We pursue the following fire and explosion subrogation matters:

The collaborative partnership between attorney and expert allows the team to determine the origin of the house fire, the cause of the house fire, and ultimately subrogation potential. Because the attorney is involved from the beginning, they have a superior understanding of the facts of the loss – as opposed to getting involved in the claim after findings are established and a report is made. Our Early Involvement Strategy places the insurance company in a valuable position as the attorney-expert team can provide analysis and recommend the most economical option for advancement. As claims may advance, the team will recognize when a file should not advance and must be closed for any number of reasons.

Investigation of an explosion or fire can be expensive and time-consuming. Protecting the scene of the loss is important because it preserves evidence, reduces the spread of harmful or misinformation, and may eliminate a defense of spoliation or tampering by adverse parties. Failure to properly secure a scene can cause significant hurdles when trying to recover on a loss.

Early Involvement

Early Involvement is a strategic, investigative process in which our attorneys use every resource at our disposal in an attempt to recover on your claim. The moment a loss is reported to Keis George, our attorneys immediately make preparations to investigate the loss onsite while our paralegals acknowledge and set up the claim. Once onsite, our attorneys use various tactics to help recover on your claim. Tactics include but are not limited to:

      • Choosing the right expert(s);
      • Protecting the integrity of the scene and preserving evidence;
      • Identifying and interviewing key targets and witnesses;
      • Canvassing the area for additional parties of interest;
      • Placing third parties on notice;
      • Coordinating joint scene examinations; and
      • Obtaining fire reports, 911 tapes, and meeting with investigators.

Subrogation lawyers

At Keis George, we have the resources to confront complex fire and explosion claims, provide highly personalized attention, and offer a competitive fee structure. You may expect superior case management, information security, and most importantly, increased recoveries. Take advantage of our capabilities and schedule a consultation with one of our subrogation lawyers.