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Representative Matters

Product Defect | Fire and Explosion Subrogation

Keis George has recently received judgment on several Gree USA, Inc. (aka GREE Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai) dehumidifier files. Our product liability team has quickly resolved Gree dehumidifier files by working with fire and engineering experts to clearly identify the product defect and via direct contact with Gree’s national counsel. Click here to learn more.

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Condominium Claims | Property Subrogation

Condominium losses, particularly in Chicago, present some unique circumstances and often require a deeper review due to the condominium declarations, waiver of subrogation, and determining potential targets. Reviewing these issues will save time and get your file started on the right path. Click here to read more.

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Gas Explosion | Property Subrogation

The defendant, who was known to do a lot of tinkering around the home and working on his own cars, was planning something and had removed the cap on the gas line of his home. Of particular significance, was the fact that the defendant had sent a message to a person he was communicating with on a local dating website, where he indicated he “smelled propane and had to go see what was going on” and that he “hoped he didn’t blow the place up”. Afterwards, the defendant’s home exploded. The explosion, and subsequent fire, killed the defendant and damaged the insured’s home. The insured’s home was damaged beyond repair and had to be torn down. Click here to read more.

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Manufacturing Defect | Product Liability Subrogation

The consumer expectation standard, which had been removed from the Ohio Products Liability Act in 2005, could not be relied on by the purchaser of a space heater to support his design defect claim, which was based solely on circumstantial evidence, a federal court in Ohio ruled. However, the homeowner did provide sufficient circumstantial evidence of a manufacturing defect to overcome the manufacturer’s motion for summary judgment on this count. The court also determined that the testimony offered by the homeowner’s fire origin expert testimony was reliable, despite the manufacturer’s claim that the expert had not followed industry standards applicable to fire investigations. Click here to read more.

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Design Engineering Failure | Construction Defect Subrogation

On an early spring day, the grain elevator portion of the system collapsed and caused damage to other parts of the system. The engineer tried to blame high winds on the cause of the grain elevator collapse but maximum winds of 50 mph were recorded and the grain system was constructed to withstand 70 mph winds. All of this happened while the installation company was dispatched to the insured’s ranch to repair a supposed cable that was broken and previously reported to the company. Click here to read more.

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Propane Explosion | Fire and Explosion Subrogation

An insured of a major insurance company complained to their propane provider that they smelled some type of gas. The propane company provides the insured with a source of heat for the home. While the propane provider noted the insured was low on fuel and scheduled a delivery, the propane provider failed to advise the insured to vacate the residential premises for their own safety and failed again to send a qualified representative to the home immediately. One day after the insureds complaint to the propane provider, a fire explosion occurred within the home. The insured was rushed to the hospital and we got to work. We discovered the propane gas leak originated in the line between the home and the propane tank. Though six different parties were investigated, we determined a vendor of the propane provider was at fault, having been the last to service the tank.

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