Construction Defect Subrogation

Construction defect subrogation attorneys

Keis George LLP litigates subrogation claims in commercial and residential construction projects in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We serve as plaintiff counsel, recovering for our insureds against property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, developers, financier’s, builders, and material suppliers. The complex cases we litigate cover a broad base of construction projects, including energy production facilities, office buildings, single and multi-unit residential buildings, commercial developments, entertainment venues, roads and highways, and industrial plants to name a few.

Litigate with systematic representation

Our firm can provide the legal support you need to establish third-party liability and recover what’s owed. Our support includes:

  • Early Involvement Strategy – Early Involvement is a strategic process in which our attorneys ensure a good claim is a recoverable claim. The moment a loss is reported to Keis George, our attorneys immediately make preparations to investigate the loss onsite while our paralegals acknowledge and setup the claim. Once onsite, our attorneys use various tactics to ensure a good claim is a recoverable claim.
  • Waiver of Subrogation – If a contractual relationship exists between the insured and the potential at-fault party, the contract must be reviewed to see if there is a waiver of subrogation clause. The validity of the waiver of subrogation clause varies by state. As parties to a contract may modify or extinguish the right to legal subrogation, we will thoroughly review the waiver language carefully.  The waiver may not apply to certain situations, damages, or both.
  • Global network of experts – We use experts from our broad network to investigate causation and help gauge our insured’s prospects for subrogation recovery.

We dedicate these same resources to our defense clients and provide them with the same robust and highly personalized legal representation.

Avoid contractual waivers as a potential roadblock to subrogation recovery

Keis George LLP litigates subrogation cases arising from construction defects throughout the United States. We will identify liable third-parties in construction defect cases and will pursue what’s owed. For skilled analysis and determined representation contact one of our construction defect subrogation attorneys to schedule a consultation.

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