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Tort Times: Litigate or Die Writing

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assist a partner in a jury trial. I had only recently been admitted to the Bar, and had only been employed by Keis George for a few months, so the chance to assist in one of our large loss property cases was a rare opportunity that I… Read More »

Intentional Versus Negligent Spoliation

Spoliation of evidence generally involves the destruction of evidence that is relevant to a civil action that results in harm to a party’s case. Some states recognize it as a separate cause of action, which means that it can be a claim separate from the underlying case. Ohio is one of those states. The state… Read More »

Contributory Negligence and Comparative Fault

Comparative fault and contributory negligence are two seemingly simple terms that can cause severe headaches in our daily lives if we don’t understand these terms. Each concept is applicable to an event where two or more persons may be responsible for the damages. Comparative fault and contributory negligence only apply to negligence claims. Though these… Read More »

Recent Product Recalls and Defects

As recalls of defective products continue to rise, we are seeing a significant increase in property damage caused by water and fire as a direct result of a defective product. We are working with our clients to bundle these cases to increase the settlement value and decrease your operational costs. It is critical to identify… Read More »

Keis George Attorneys Named to Super Lawyers

Keis George is proud to announce Warren S. George, managing litigation partner, Andrew C. Stebbins, associate, and Kevin F. Keeley, associate, have been recognized as 2018 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. Pictured from left to right, Warren S. George, Andrew C. Stebbins, and Kevin F. Keeley. Super Lawyers acknowledges attorneys with a high degree of… Read More »

Recent Product Recalls and Defects

More and more, we are seeing property damage caused by water, fire, and explosions as a direct result of a defective product. Many firms litigate but few actually litigate a product recall or defect case to completion. This is why we are trying to work with our clients to bundle these claims to increase the… Read More »

Nadia N. Ardner Featured in CMBA Bar Journal

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) recently featured Nadia N. Ardner, attorney at Keis George, in the Bar Journal. Ardner is a member of the firm’s subrogation practice, serving an integral role in legal writing and research. Ardner also provides legal analysis of the law as applied to assumed facts, discussing the legality or illegality of an… Read More »

Using Circumstantial Evidence to Prove a Product Defect

Ohio Revised Code 2307.73(B) provides that a claimant may present circumstantial evidence to establish that a manufacturer’s product was defective if the product was destroyed. When it comes to product liability claims against a manufacturer, one thing that can be detrimental to a claim is when the product is so badly damaged after a fire… Read More »

Running at Large

Many may believe that when a horse, cow, or the like are found running at large on a public road and cause an accident, that the owner is strictly liable. That is not true. The injured party still must prove the owner or “keeper” of the animal was negligent.  In other words, the owner or… Read More »

Keis George Hires New Attorney

Keis George LLP is proud to announce that Nadia N. Ardner has joined the firm to support our growing portfolio of subrogation and insurance defense cases. Ardner brings a wealth of professional readiness to the firm, having spent the last five years as a judicial extern in federal court, a research assistant to a professor,… Read More »