Matthew C. Workman Named Partner

Keis George LLP is pleased to announce that Matthew C. Workman has been named partner. Workman specializes in handling fire and water losses, product liability, construction defect, and auto and trucking cases.

Ohio Negligent Entrustment

Under Ohio’s negligent entrustment statute, codified at Revised Code Section 4511.203, the owner of a motor vehicle may face both criminal penalties and civil liability when he or she entrusts a vehicle to another when the owner knows or reasonably should know...

Other Insurance Clause is Excess

Other insurance clauses, also known as excess clauses, seem to appear in every case with concurrent coverage under multiple policies. This common situation presents itself when an insured is driving a car owned by a friend or family member. Each insurance policy provides coverage for the accident, but both policies...

Keis George Starts New Chapter on Floor 19

Keis George LLP is pleased to announce our firm headquarters will ascend to Floor 19 effective April 18, 2022. Our new address is 55 Public Square, Suite 1900 Cleveland, Ohio 44113. The new office will continue to serve the subrogation and commercial litigation needs of the firm’s client base throughout...

Ohio’s Joint and Several Liability Laws

Ohio’s joint and several liability laws have undergone some recent changes. Effective April 9, 2003, Am. Sub. S.B. 120 renumbered, repealed, and revised the existing Revised Code sections dealing with contributory fault, rights of contribution and related Code provisions.