SR-22 Bonds and Recovering Payments

Under the laws of the State of Ohio, an insurer who issues SR-22 bonds is able to recover payments from the insured in certain situations. Because the insured is required to have an SR-22 bond in their insurance coverage, the insurer is actually allowed to include a unique clause within the insured’s policy language. This unique clause declares the insurer is allowed to recover payments from the insured that it would otherwise not be able too from an insured without an SR-22 bond.

Auto subrogation

At Keis George, we pursue commercial and personal automobile subrogation in state and federal courts in Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. Successful auto and uninsured motorist subrogation is a refined dynamic in which our attorneys use an aggressive methodology to interpret and apply state laws prior to fast-approaching statutory deadlines. We streamline the consistent intake, categorization, and action on files. Even after judgment is won, we continue to ensure your subrogation monies are paid.

Judgment recovery

Our Judgment Recovery Department executes most recovery techniques against defendants, which include monitoring thousands of installment payments and distribution of those payments to the court and clients. When a defendant does not file an answer within twenty-eight days of service, we file a motion for default judgment or in some situations, a default hearing. At that time, we utilize all available legal executions such as wage garnishments, liens, and bank attachments; bureau of motor vehicle restrictions, such as suspended licenses and registration privileges; using bank subpoenas to obtain asset and employment data; and, other proven strategies to collect what is owed in a timely and dignified manner. We do not make verbal threats or use intimidation tactics. Our recovery techniques are so refined we do not even have to call the defendants. The defendants call us to enter into a voluntary payment agreement.

Recover payments

Back to the topic discussed, the insurer can include a clause in the insured’s policy to recover payments. This means that in situations where a policy exclusion may apply, but payment has to be made due to the SR-22 bond, an insurer can seek reimbursement from its insured. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our subrogation attorneys to learn how you can recover payments from your insured.