Intentional and Negligent Spoliation

Spoliation of evidence generally involves the destruction of evidence that is relevant to a civil action that results in harm to a party’s case. Some states recognize it as a separate cause of action, which means that it can be a claim separate from the underlying case.

Running at Large

This article will assist investigating this type of claim to determine if there is subrogation potential and how to go about prevailing on a claim against the owner and/or keep of the animal.

Admissibility of Photographic Evidence

Currently, the admissibility of photographic evidence is based on two different theories. These two theories represent a departure from earlier requirements, which required authenticating testimony from the photographer and/or an expert witness regarding the reliability of the recording process.

(In) Admissibility of Police Reports

Most automobile accidents that end up in litigation are disputed liability. These accidents sound like this:  the subrogated carrier’s insured is adamant that he had the green light; or, the other driver defendant is adamant the insured merged into his/her lane. Of course, the other driver defendant disputes the insured’s...