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Keis George is a subrogation law firm based in Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana practicing property, auto, and workers’ compensation. Keis George has extensive litigation experience in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We have achieved verdicts and out-of-court settlements for clients against major product manufacturers, contractors, engineers, architects, at-fault drivers, builders, and more. Our clients also rely on us for legal assistance with commercial collections, claim evaluations, and post-judgment collections, which include license suspension, wage garnishment, liens, bank account attachment, debtors exam and more. We litigate in the following areas:

In order to properly assess the loss, determine the potential for subrogation recovery, and help you manage the subrogation side of a property claim from start to finish, we formed Early Involvement.

A strategic, investigative process for large loss claims

Early Involvement is a strategic process in which our attorneys work to ensure your subrogation claim is recoverable. The moment a loss is reported to Keis George, our attorneys immediately make preparations to investigate the loss onsite while our paralegals acknowledge and set up the claim. Once onsite, our attorneys use various tactics to work towards an efficient recovery. Tactics include but are not limited to:

      • Choosing the right expert(s);
      • Protecting the integrity of the scene and preserving evidence;
      • Identifying and interviewing key targets and witnesses;
      • Canvassing the area for additional parties of interest;
      • Placing third parties on notice;
      • Coordinating joint scene examinations; and
      • Obtaining fire reports, 911 tapes, and meeting with investigators.
Capitalize on missed subrogation opportunities

Too many insurance companies allow recoverable revenue to walk out the door because they do not explore their options through subrogation. A benchmarking study from the National Association of Subrogation Professionals found that about 15 percent of claims close without consideration of subrogation. Through our Second Look Program, we can improve your ratio of “files closed with no recovery” by identifying claims with subrogation potential and proposing a plan to work those claims to recovery. As there is no cost to review a file, send it in before you close it out.

Mine big file data with little effort

Through internal benchmarking and market data, we can estimate the standard cycle from the time subrogation is identified until recovery. While we cannot guarantee deadlines, we know what is normal and we communicate with you every step of the way. You can see everything and anything we are up to on our Client Portal. Keis George Reports, our Client Portal, is secure proprietary software offering our clients detailed status updates and real-time file information with the click of a mouse. Clients may access the portal 24/7 with their username and password from any electronic device in the world.

Subrogation law firm

At Keis George, we have the resources to confront complex claims, provide highly personalized attention, and offer a competitive fee structure. Clients may expect superior case management, information security, and most importantly, increased recoveries. Take advantage of our capabilities and allow Keis George to redefine what it means to recover your money faster. Contact one of our subrogation lawyers to schedule a consultation.