Insurance defense lawyers

Our attorneys have a combined 250 years of experience in all areas of insurance defense law. We litigate cases in state and federal courts in Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. We represent clients in defense litigation, from file acknowledgment to resolution, and provide opinions and engage in claim negotiations and arbitration. Our insurance defense attorneys have the following experience:

      • Automobile claims;
      • Complex and multidistrict litigation;
      • Coverage disputes, including denial of business coverage, and other conflicts between the insurer and policyholder;
      • Trucking and transportation claims;
      • Specialty claims, including serious injury and death;
      • Large property loss claims, including fire and explosions; and
      • Product liability claims, including industrial and mechanical equipment.

Our lawyers understand both sides of the case and have critical experience in complex litigation matters. We will work with you to implement a unique litigation methodology through alternative dispute resolution, settlement, mediation, arbitration, or defending your claim at trial. Additionally, we will attempt to resolve the claim as early as possible. We will keep you updated throughout the case, so that you can make timely and informed decisions.

Insurance industry compliance

As the insurance industry is strictly regulated, it is imperative your attorney has the necessary legal experience to resolve your claim. While state law typically governs insurance regulations, your attorney will want to ensure what is considered legal and binding in one state may not be considered legal in another state. This means your lawyer will need to be fluent in the latest changes that may affect the handling of your policy and whether the claim is covered.

Insurance defense and coverage issues

At Keis George, we have the resources to confront complex claims, provide personalized attention, and offer a competitive fee structure. Clients may expect superior case management, information security, and increased recoveries. Take advantage of our capabilities and allow Keis George to redefine what it means to recover your money faster. Contact one of our insurance defense attorneys to schedule a consultation.