Early Retention Leads to Timely and Successful Outcome

90% of damages secured through settlement

In March of 2021, only 10 days after a devastating fire at a home near Cleveland, Ohio that was in the midst of a total renovation, Keis George was retained to investigate the fire cause and potential subrogation. 

The attorneys and support staff at Keis George immediately went to work and in less than 3 weeks coordinated and completed a Joint Scene Inspection with all potentially interested parties and their representatives.  Keis George’s timely completion of the Joint Scene Inspection allowed the scene to be released back to the homeowner and contractors so that repairs could get started without significant delay.

Working with fire experts

Following the Joint Scene Inspection, and while the homeowner’s insurer focused on its claims handling on behalf of the policyholder, Keis George worked side-by-side with fire experts and the local fire department to further investigate, identify witnesses, confirm the fire’s origin and cause, and identify the responsible party. 

How the settlement was secured

While claims handling continued, Keis George notified the responsible party and its liability carrier of subrogation and maintained regular contact with the liability carrier regarding the status of the subrogation claim.  During this process, and because it became apparent the responsible party’s liability carrier refused to acknowledge full liability, Keis George went to work preparing the matter for litigation. Immediately following the homeowner insurer’s completion of the claims handling, and to prevent further unnecessary delay, Keis George filed suit against the responsible party.  The responsible party’s liability carrier soon responded with an acknowledgment of its liability and a willingness to assess the damages and attempt a resolution.  Keis George quickly and thoroughly assembled a formal “Demand Package” containing its client’s necessary claim supports and liability arguments. After extensive negotiations with the responsible party’s counsel, a settlement representing nearly 90% of the damages was secured.

Learn about our Early Involvement Strategy

The early retention of and trust placed in Keis George by the subrogated insurance company was critical in completing a timely investigation and securing the evidence necessary for a successful resolution, while preventing lengthy and expensive litigation. Contact one of our attorneys to discuss a similar case or learn about our Early Involvement Strategy