Mass Tort Subrogation

Mass tort subrogation attorneys

Keis George LLP has successfully litigated mass tort subrogation claims in lawsuits against product manufacturers for losses that have occurred across the country. Our products liability team has successfully litigated mass action cases involving hundreds of different products, including industrial machinery, automobiles, and common household items to name a few. We are currently working with our clients across the country to bundle these cases. Bundling claims will increase your settlement value and decrease operational costs associated with individually managing each claim.

Mass tort subrogation attorneys have achieved successful outcomes across the United States

Once a “failing product” is discovered in multiple claims or found within a community, our products liability team will immediately advise our clients on the issues. Occasionally, these issues may result in the discovery of subrogation and recovery opportunities. Most importantly, the discovery of evidence, information, and historical trends are critical to mass tort actions.


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