Trucking and Transportation Subrogation

Trucking and transportation subrogation attorneys

The commercial trucking industry occupies a significant position in the national economy. Yet, insurance companies that underwrite may suffer significant losses because they do not pursue viable opportunities for subrogation recovery. One obstacle to subrogation recovery is that so many attorneys only understand typical auto accident subrogation and do not fully grasp the additional complexities of trucking cases.

Keis George LLP has been litigating claims for trucking companies and their insureds for decades. We are well versed on the state and federal regulations governing motor carriers and their drivers. Our specific knowledge and experience allow our attorneys to guide the client to recovery while protecting their financial interests.

Experience with a variety of trucking subrogation matters

Losses by trucking companies encompass far more than highway accidents. At Keis George, we regularly help our clients recover losses in cases involving:

Whatever the scenario, when a trucking company sustains a loss, there is a strong presumption that the company or its driver is to blame. However, thorough investigations often reveal third-party entities that are liable for losses, including loading companies, maintenance companies, negligent motorists, and others. Our firm has the resources to investigate your losses and identify viable avenues for subrogation recovery.

Specific knowledge delivers litigation advantages in trucking and transportation subrogation

In addition to the robust investigative and litigation resources detailed on our home page, Keis George has experienced attorneys with extensive knowledge of:

  • State and federal regulations and compliance standards;
  • Applicable insurance law;
  • Trucking insurance policies; and
  • Common carrier transportation documents, such as broker agreements, manifests, work logs, and bills of lading.

This knowledge enables us to conduct a thorough review and analysis of the claim so our clients can have accurate, reliable information on which to base litigation decisions.

Resources to confront complex trucking and transportation claims

We have the resources to confront complex claims, provide highly personalized attention, and offer a competitive fee structure. Take advantage of our capabilities and contact one of our trucking and transportation subrogation attorneys to schedule a consultation.

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