Product Recalls

Recalls of defective and potentially dangerous products continue to increase. With this increase, we are seeing a significant rise in property losses from water and fire that can be the direct result of a defective product. While there is a cause for every loss and it may not necessarily be obvious, it is vitally important to identify these losses in the early stages of the claim. Our Early Involvement Team can assist you in this identification and will keep you informed of potentially defective products so you can maximize your recovery dollars.

Consumer Product Safety Commission product recalls

Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released the following product recalls in Home Appliances, Maintenance and Structures, Electronics, and Kitchen:

  1. GE Top-Loading Clothes Washers due to fire hazard
  2. United Copper Metal Clad Cables due to fire and shock hazard
  3. 360 Electrical Surge Protectors due to fire and shock hazard