SR-22 Endorsements

Automobile insurance policies always list an automobile and a person. They also always contain a section that defines who is an insured under the policy. Policies always have a clause that defines others operating the auto with permission as insureds too. Therefore, in that instance the insurance coverage follows the vehicle. 

Insurance policy follows the vehicle

An SR-22 is a certification to the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles that a person meets the financial responsibility law regardless of what car he/she may be operating. This is for the protection of the public. The SR-22 is required when ordered by a Court or to reinstate driving privileges that were suspended for driving with no insurance.   

Did you know the insurer can include a clause in the insured’s policy to recover payments from an insured that it would otherwise not be able to in the absence of an SR-22?

The SR-22 policy will pay for damages regardless of whether the insured is driving the insured vehicle. Therefore, in that case, the SR-22 follows the person. The policies also require the SR-22 insured to repay the company for any claims arising from operation of a vehicle not listed on the policy. 

SR-22 does not follow the vehicle

However, be aware, that if a person other than the SR-22 holder gets into an accident in the vehicle, the insurance company has no right of reimbursement. Therefore, an SR-22 does not follow the vehicle. For additional insight or help with a file, contact one of our subrogation attorneys.