Liability of a Dog Owner

Animal liability

Today, let’s turn our attention to the liability of an owner for damages caused by a dog. Our Columbus, Ohio office has had many cases where a dog gets loose, runs into the street, and causes a vehicle to strike the dog or swerve to miss the dog and strike other property (e.g., another vehicle, fence, etc.).

Liability of a dog owner

Did you know the owner of the dog can be held liable under Ohio Revised Code 955.28? The “owner, keeper, or harborer” of a dog is liable for injury, death, and/or property damages so long as the individual is not criminally trespassing, not committing another criminal offense, and/or was not teasing/tormenting/abusing the dog at the time of the incident. These damages can include dog bites, which some insurance policies will provide coverage for the owner, keeper, or harborer of the dog. Someone other than an “owner” of the dog can be held liable if they can be considered a keeper or harborer of the dog. For this and other matters, contact one of our Ohio subrogation lawyers.