Product Recalls

If you are a property adjuster, you are familiar with losses caused by defective products. While some product defects may be a unique and isolated matter, we are seeing more cases of property damage as a direct result of a defective product. This is why we believe it is so important to make you aware of recent CPSC recalls.

Product defects

Despite a surge in manufacturers proactively issuing a product recall notice, some notices are not picked up by the media, a government entity, or regulatory commission, and are therefore not immediately accessible to consumers. Hypothetically speaking, even if the notice is immediately picked up or sent directly to the affected consumer, there is no guarantee the consumer is actively researching CPSC recalls or engaging with the notice. Furthermore, as global collaborative production continues to sweep our economy, the chance for defects and products of issue will increase.

CPSC recalls

This is why it is so important we bring these products to your attention. Doing so may help establish a product as being defective or of issue. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission released the following product recalls:

Per the CPSC, the lamp’s on/off foot switch can overheat, melt or catch fire, posing a fire hazard. This recall involves the Riveted Mesh floor lamp.  The industrial steel lamp with a mesh steel shade measures about 74 inches in height and 23 inches in diameter.  It came with four 60W T9 Edison bulbs and a circular foot on/off switch on the electrical cord at the base.  SKU number 68270176ISTL is printed on a green label located on the bottom of the lamp base.

Per the CPSC, a fuse can overheat and melt while the electric vehicle is charging, posing a fire hazard. This recall involves Garia model year 2010-2019 golf and courtesy battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV’s). The models involved are as follows; Golf, Golf 2+2, Courtesy 4, and Courtesy 4+2. Garia VIN numbers are printed/etched on the chassis under the front seat cushion. The Serial numbers and date code range are: VIN numbers UJGDHSX1XAVXXXXXX – UJGDHSX1XKVXXXXXX are located under the vehicle’s front seat.