Reliable Report Sources for Subrogation

Straight from the horse’s mouth,” is a frequently used phrase to describe obtaining information from a reliable source that is on the best authority. File material often contains accident reports from the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), which are documents required to be submitted by local police agencies to the State of Ohio. While the basic information contained in the reports is helpful, these reports are not the same as those on file with the local agencies or State Highway Patrol.

Obtain information from a reliable source

For instance, the ODPS reports do not contain the handwritten statements of the drivers or witnesses, and sometimes do not contain all of the pertinent information, such as witness identities. When possible, obtaining the reports from the local agencies or State Highway Patrol is the best and most reliable source. Many agencies provide online access to the reports. When requesting the report, remember to specify that you would like the entire report, including any and all statements. Now that is from the horse’s mouth. Who also happens to enjoy the occasional bow tie. To discuss reliable report sources or another matter, contact one of our subrogation lawyers.