Keis George Celebrates 30 Years of Subrogation

Established in 1985, the law firm of Keis George LLP recently commemorated 30 years of providing full service legal representation to insurance companies in subrogation matters across throughout the United States. Throughout that time, our firm’s strong commitment to helping insurance providers and self-insured businesses recover compensation and losses has made us a trusted resource in the legal practice areas of property subrogation and auto subrogation. We also offer litigation in commercial collections, local counsel, and defense.

Subrogation attorneys

At Keis George LLP, we approach every case with an open mind and assume every property loss has the potential for subrogation recovery. The firm recently expanded its Early Involvement Strategy to manage complex property losses of all types. Early Involvement is a strategic, investigative process in which our attorneys use every resource at our disposal in an attempt to recover on your claim. The moment a loss is reported to Keis George, our attorneys immediately make preparations to investigate the loss onsite while our paralegals acknowledge and set up the claim. Once onsite, our attorneys use various tactics to help recover on your claim. Tactics include but are not limited to:

  • Choosing the right expert(s);
  • Protecting the integrity of the scene and preserving evidence;
  • Identifying and interviewing key targets and witnesses;
  • Canvassing the area for additional parties of interest;
  • Placing third parties on notice;
  • Coordinating joint scene examinations; and
  • Obtaining fire reports, 911 tapes, and meeting with investigators.

The firm’s results-driven focus always ensures that clients’ needs and best interests come first. We tailor our services based upon each client’s priorities and provide real-time access to important case information anytime via our secure Client Portal, which clients can access through our website.

Complex subrogation litigation

Keis George LLP has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality subrogation and defense services across the United States. Bill Keis, Founding Partner of Keis George LLP asserts, “Entering our 30th year, we look forward to initiating our new comprehensive and strategic approach to getting the results you need.” If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview, make arrangements with a representative from our subrogation law firm.