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Gree Dehumidifier Product Recall

Case Against Gree Dehumidifiers Not Dead

On November 29, 2016, Gree, along with the United States CPSC, reissued a recall on dehumidifiers manufactured and then sold in the United States from January 2005 through August 2013. If your company insures homes, you have probably had a products liability claim involving a Gree Dehumidifier. On September 12, 2013, Gree, along with the… Read More »

Keis George Celebrates 30 Years of Subrogation

Established in 1985, the law firm of Keis George LLP recently commemorated 30 years of providing full service legal representation to insurance companies in subrogation matters across throughout the United States. Throughout that time, our firm’s strong commitment to helping insurance providers and self-insured businesses recover compensation and losses has made us a trusted resource… Read More »

Shaun E. Young and Brad Krapfl Named Partner

For three decades, the insurance subrogation and defense attorneys at Keis George LLP have honed their focus and skills on fighting to recover losses and defend insureds suffered in the wake of accidents involving auto and property claims. Our attorneys are committed to providing clients with comprehensive legal services at every stage of a case… Read More »

90,000 Fires Caused by Smoking


Update on Rights of Subrogee in Ohio

We previously introduced an article on Ohio’s new law, the Rights of Subrogee outlined in Ohio Revised Code 2323.44, which became effective September 28, 2015. As we suspected, there have been a few developments. First, Ohio Senate Bill 223 was passed which amends the application of Ohio Revised Code 2323.44. Section 3 at the end of… Read More »

Documenting Sump Pump Claims to Maximize Recovery

A successful subrogation recovery starts with a thorough, well-documented scene investigation. This is often complicated with the competing interest of placing the insured in the pre-loss position as soon as possible. This has recently become apparent with a number of sump pump failures in products liability cases Keis George has handled. Whether in litigation or intercompany… Read More »

Assumption of the Risk Defense in ATV Cases

Assumption of the risk is a common defense by recreation providers to negligence lawsuits involving all-terrain vehicles (ATV) where the rider is willingly taking a chance in a potentially dangerous situation. This defense relieves the recreation provider from any duty to eliminate risks the rider may experience in ATV riding because such risks cannot be… Read More »

Early Investigation on House Fires

Because of damage to the structure, the costs associated with daily living expenses, and the contents within the home, house fires can be a rather costly claim to insurance companies. What if a house fire wasn’t a costly claim? What if you could recover a majority of the money paid out to the insured? A… Read More »

Police Scanners Help Collect Auto Judgments

In Ohio, a judgment arising from an uninsured auto subrogation case causes permanent suspension of driving and registration privileges for defendants. Many [most] of these people continue to drive their automobiles, even though the license plates have been suspended by the State.  In the past, Law Enforcement would not know, simply by looking at a license… Read More »